Curious about teeth whitening? Start here! We’ve been making premier whitening products for more than three decades—in that time, we’ve come across a lot of questions from folks just like you. Below you’ll find some resources we’ve put together to help guide you.


Now, you may be asking “why should I trust the same company that makes the product to tell me what’s best?” Take a look at what other folks have said about us—we are truly the world leader in professional teeth whitening and only got here thanks to quality scientific research producing elite products. Some of the most recognizable names in dentistry use our products, including Dr. Ben Winters, better known as @thebentist on TikTok. He told NY Magazine “We sell Opalescence Go [teeth whitening] in our office and don’t even do professional whitening. I’d rather our patients pay a tenth of the price and do it at home.”


Do UV lights work for whitening teeth?


Do DIY teeth whitening trends do what people say they do? Activated charcoal, oil pulling, lemon juice and baking soda, etc.


What to look for in a high-quality teeth whitening product.


What are the differences between over-the-counter and professional teeth whitening?


What’s the ‘science’ behind teeth whitening? How does it work?


How to manage teeth sensitivity while whitening.


Can whitening damage my teeth? How long will results last?


Will whitening work on Tetracycline stains?