Etching is a crucial element in creating high quality restorations and the basis for proper adhesive technique. More than 30 years ago, Ultradent created a phosphoric acid etchant that provided total control in handling. Ultra-Etch™ etchant stays exactly where it’s put while penetrating even the smallest fissures—it’s the only etchant you need for total etch procedures.

Ultra-Etch etchant empowers you to take your etching to an artistic level. Just how artistic? Whitney Jones, (former) Ultradent illustrator, re-created Van Gogh's Starry Night with Ultra-Etch etchant. Can your etchant do that?


It’s not by chance that Ultra-Etch is still setting the industry pace more than three decades after it was created. It’s a 35% phosphoric acid gel with an ideal viscosity that prevents premature drying and gives the perfect amount of stability. While it can be cleaned and rinsed off quickly and easily, Ultra-Etch etchant does not run even on vertical surfaces.

From the ground up, Ultra-Etch etchant is designed to facilitate precise placement and total control—it allows you to put it exactly where you need it, and nowhere else, which makes the selective etching technique a breeze. In addition, the superior proprietary chemistry creates an optimal surface to receive adhesive. No matter how much or how little etchant you need, Ultra-Etch etchant allows you stay in complete control of the procedure.

Ultra-Etch etchant is proven to be uniquely self-limiting in its depth of etch, with an average depth of 1.9 μm with 15-second etch.

Being able to re-create Van Gogh pieces such as above isn’t achieved solely through a premier etchant—the tips used to apply it are equally important. Designed specifically to allow for delicate, pinpoint results, the Blue Micro tip is perfect for procedures requiring accurate placement of materials. Because it was designed to provide ultimate control and precision, the Blue Micro tip is ideal for use with Ultra-Etch etchant.

The extremely accurate placement makes this the perfect tip whether you are etching large or small areas. The non-crimping cannula prevents the solution from clogging and allows viscous materials through without needing a large amount of force, while the small 25-gauge tip gives exact placement and minimal flow when you are working with tiny areas.  Ultra-Etch etchant can also be used with the Inspiral™ Brush tip when different clinical applications are required. This tip delivers the viscous Ultra-Etch etchant smoothly via an internal helical channel. The tight, adjustable brush fibers minimize bubbles and allow a smooth application.

Van Gogh wouldn’t have been able to create his masterpieces if his paint was running across his canvases, much like dentists would struggle to create top tier restorations with a sub-par etchant. Ultra-Etch etchant does what you want it to—it simply stays put, then washes off with ease. Effective and uncomplicated, Ultra-Etch etchant is the only etchant you need for total etch procedures.