The holiday season seems more welcome this year than many prior. The simplest pleasantries are now often enjoyed with a renewed splendor. I hope this note finds you and your family safe, healthy, and happy. And I hope the upcoming new year is a better house guest in your life than 2020 has likely been.


Dentists around the world have been challenged by the circumstances of this year, but these challenges have shown the best of who we are. After all, where would we be if not for challenges? Finding innovative solutions is a fundamental element of our profession.


I’m awed by the exemplary resolve, flexibility, and ingenuity I’ve seen from dentists this year. We’ve explored new avenues to care for our patients. We embraced technology in ways many of us never before thought possible. We’ve found solutions to problems we never predicted. And we did it all in real time. We’ve taken great strides forward when circumstances did their best to push us back.


We’ve learned much during this year. We’re now more prepared for challenges sure to rise in coming years.


Sending virtual hugs to you all!

 Dr. Dan Fischer