​Ultradent is a family company. We aim to treat our employees like family, and we believe that our people should always put their families first. What could be more about family than the holidays?

For over 40 years, we’ve had a special tradition of closing all of our operations at Ultradent, including customer service, manufacturing, and shipping, from before Christmas to after the New Year so that all of us can spend those days making memories with the people that matter most. Despite loving what we do, this tradition has become something we all look forward to and cherish, as we relish in spending quality time with family and friends without the cares or responsibilities of work. We’ve also found that taking what we’ve come to call our annual “R&R” break refreshes and revitalizes us all to come back after the New Year energized and ready to tackle our goals and projects with newfound gusto.

So, this year, Ultradent will close its door and turn out its lights from December 22nd to January 2nd so that everyone can catch their breath and come back with their batteries charged to give next year our very best.

We hope you too will pause for a few days during this coming holiday season to put down your work, your smartphones, and your emails, and take in the sights, sounds, and presence of family, friends, and loved ones. Doing this creates memories that last forever.

See you in 2019, and to one and all, happy holidays!