The importance of making a quality impression cannot be understated, as the caliber of an indirect restoration depends on the precision of the impression on which it is based. Thermo Clone™ VPS impression material, Ultradent’s newest restorative product to come to market, is an exciting new advancement in prosthodontics and restorative dentistry. Thermo Clone material makes it easier to take accurate impressions, which I believe is the most important step in the indirect restoration process. 

Dr. Fischer

In fact, my belief that clear, detailed impressions are integral to the restorative process was the driving force behind the introduction of Ultradent’s very first product in 1978: our Astringedent® hemostatic solution. I created Astringedent hemostatic as a response to the number one reason that impressions fail—poor tissue management. We’ve continually worked to build upon that first product to provide a full line of dependable restorative dentistry products. I believe Thermo Clone impression material to be the perfect addition to a clinician’s toolkit, as it’s able to augment, accentuate, and collaborate with hemostasis and allows doctors to place restorations that are long lasting and that fit impeccably. 
Thermo Clone VPS 

Thermo Clone impression material is made with the patient and the clinician in mind. While there are a few quality silicon impression materials on the market, Thermo Clone impression material​ really stands out thanks to its unique chemistry that reacts differently to room temperature and body temperature. This feature allows the clinician good working time while the product is in the mixing and loading tray but accelerates the set time once the tray is placed in the patient’s mouth and the material begins to warm to body temperature. This makes it so the patient doesn’t have to deal with a mouthful of impression material for a very long time. Additionally, Thermo Clone impression material is unsurpassed for precision and is fabulously hydrophilic—which makes it more forgiving. It also has great tear resistance and flows nicely thanks to its thixotropic properties.

All in all, I know clinicians are really going to enjoy working with our new Thermo Clone impression material, and I look forward to hearing your reviews and feedback as you try it. 

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