Achieving a beautiful, naturally esthetic smile is easier than you may think. The Uveneer and Uveneer Extra template systems were designed as a minimally invasive way to create high-quality, natural-looking composite veneers in one visit.

The predictable shape and symmetry offered by the Uveneer template systems achieve a refined, anatomically correct, high-gloss restoration in a fraction of the time compared to freehand.

Dr. Sigal Jacobson created these systems and has used them to help countless patients achieve their desired smile, including the case outlined below (using Uveneer Extra template system).

The patient was concerned about the gaps between her teeth and that her gums showed when she smiled. Dr. Jacobson decided to first perform a gingivectomy to lengthen the teeth, then create direct composite veneers to correct the diastemas.

Dr. Jacobson performed a gingivectomy with the Gemini laser. The Gemini laser provides faster, smoother cutting so there is minimal bleeding and a quicker healing time.

Healed gums three weeks post-op.

Ultra-Etch etchant was used to etch the enamel, followed by Peak Universal Bond adhesive.

The dentin shade of composite was applied directly to the tooth while the enamel shade was pressed into the Uveneer template. In this case, the Uveneer Extra Square F3 template was used. Once the template was pressed onto the tooth, the margins were cleaned before light curing through the template with the VALO curing light.

Excess composite was removed at the periphery and polishing was done using the Jiffy™ composite polishing system. Finally, Ultradent™ Diamond Polish Mint paste was used with the Jiffy™ Goat Hair Brush to give a final polish to provide lasting shine. Note the natural shape achieved with the Uveneer Extra Square templates and shade match of the composite with the patient’s natural dentition.


                          Before                                                      After


Dr. Sigal Jacobson

The Uveneer and Uveneer Extra direct composite template systems were created by Australian-based dentist Dr. Sigal Jacobson. She is passionate about conservative cosmetic dentistry and puts emphasis on making composite veneers quicker, better-looking, and more cost effective. Dr. Jacobson found that creating traditional freehand direct composite veneers was time consuming and unpredictable. She saw a need for a better way to create long-lasting esthetic composite veneers, and she spent years working with engineers to create an innovative anterior facial matrix to make the Uveneer direct composite template systems possible.