“I have a passion for cosmetic dentistry. I loved working with composite, so I took a lot of courses during my years as a cosmetic dentist to learn how to master the anatomy and polish of composite dentistry, but when I’d come back to my patient, I found it was very time consuming, it was still artistically challenging, the results were not predictable, and they were very often hit or miss.” –Dr. Sigal Jacobson

Sound familiar? Read on.

Even Dr. Fischer, president, founder, and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc., could relate. “There are a few dentists—5%, maybe 10%—who are truly artistic. They have it in their brains, in their eyes, in their hands, they know exactly where they’re going, and they can create the most fabulous, natural-looking tooth imaginable. For some it takes a long time, some can do it fairly quickly. However, for the 80%–90% of dentists (and I fall into this category) that are more of the engineering mindset than the artistic mindset, Uveneer makes it possible for us to quickly, easily, and more predictably create pleasing smiles in a minimally invasive way using quality adhesives and composites.”


The Uveneer Direct Composite Veneer Template System

The Uveneer Direct Composite Veneer Template System is the the world’s first and only composite veneer template system available. Uveneer was created by Dr. Sigal Jacobsen as an answer to the constant challenges she ran up against in practicing esthetic composite dentistry. Ultradent gained the global distribution rights* of Uveneer last August.

*With the exception of Australia, Israel, and Norway.


Uveneer template

Since then, the reviews and before/after photos have poured in from clinicians and Key Opinion Leader dentists from around the world. Dr. Chad Wagener said, “In a single day, I was able to do eleven mock-up veneers that were not part of the original schedule, resulting in several new cases being accepted. I wouldn’t want to work without Uveneer now.”

Dr. George Freedman said, “Uveneer makes the practice of anterior esthetic dentistry easier, faster and better.” Dr. John C. Comisi put it simply when he said what Ultradent has heard many times since Uveneer’s release: “Why didn’t I think of this?”

Check out a few of the many before and after photos demonstrating the magic of the Uveneer template system:


Esthetic alternative to partial dentures


Wear and color correction on teeth #6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11


10-year-old boy, restoration on tooth #9


Retained primary upper canines


Chip and color correction on tooth #8