With Ultradent’s recent announcement that the company acquired global distribution rights* to Uveneer™, the world’s first and only composite veneer template system available in the dental market today, we sat down with Dr. Sigal Jacobson, Uveneer’s founder and creator, to discuss the product, its uses, and Uveneer’s recent partnership with Ultradent.

The Uveneer direct composite veneer template system effectively and predictably minimizes the need for carving and polishing, making anterior restoration, mock-ups, and even porcelain veneer temporaries easy, predictable, and beautiful in just one visit. Each template is designed to mimic ideal tooth anatomy according to the rules of smile design and the “golden proportion,” incorporating ideal height to width ratio, contour, embrasure, and center midline. Due to this precise anatomical contour, the final result yields different thicknesses of composite (less toward the incisal third and gingival areas and greater in the middle of the facial surface). This varied thickness of material creates different effects and values, and as a result, only one shade of composite is needed in many cases to get a natural gradient effect. Each template is numbered corresponding with tooth number, tooth size, and upper and lower arch, and the translucent templates are designed to allow light to transfer from the curing light through to the composite. Uveneer shuts off the composite oxygen inhibited layer during the curing process, thus leaving a finished glossy and contoured surface. The templates are autoclavable and reusable, making the Uveneer system a cost-effective choice for any dental practice.

Of teaming up with Ultradent, Dr. Sigal Jacobsen says, “Before creating Uveneer, I had used Ultradent products for many years in my practice, and their philosophy on minimally invasive dentistry always resonated with me. I created Uveneer with that exact philosophy in mind, so the fit is perfect.”


Dr. Sigal Jacobson

The response from clinicians, she continues, has been extraordinary. “I always hear, ‘How come I didn’t think of this?’ and ‘I can’t believe there’s never been anything like this on the market before!’ The positive reaction has also come very quickly, with many clinicians saying ‘I can see how easily I will be able to incorporate using the Uveneer system into my practice immediately.’”

On that note, Dr. Jacobson adds, “It’s grown faster than I expected. It’s very, very exciting. I’m amazed at how many dentists need this. I believe it’s something every single clinician needs in their office today.”