Ultradent has a legacy of superb training and continuing education that has been a part of the company's mission from the very beginning. In fact, because of his passion for training and education, Dr. Fischer, Ultradent's founder and CEO, would travel to trade shows and dental exhibits all over the world demonstrating and teaching. Sometimes he would even draw blood from his own arm to show the scrubbing and burnishing technique required to achieve profound hemostasis with his revolutionary products, Astringedent® hemostatic and the Metal Dento-Infusor® tip. 

Since then, Ultradent has continued to raise the bar in continuing education by selecting the very best doctors from around the world to teach seminars and host lectures year-round at both destination venues and smaller regional locations. Ultradent ensures that no matter where you might live, you have access to world-class seminars. Here are a few to mark on your calendars:


Hawaii Destination Seminar, February 27 – March 3, 2019 

Join Drs. Michael Miyasaki and Renato Miotto Palo on the gorgeous Big Island of Hawaii for courses centering around tooth whitening, diode lasers, bonding, and minimally invasive restorative techniques while earning 12 CE credits and soaking up the sun. Click here to learn more about the courses and destination event, and click here to register online.

Dr-Michael-Miyasaki.jpg Image_Ultradent_Blog_Seminar_Preview_Renato_Jan_2019.jpg


Seattle, Washington, February 1, 2019

World-renowned endodontic researcher and lecturer, Dr. Carlos Spironelli Ramos, will be teaching a course on contemporary endodontics covering the benefits and limitations of reciprocation and rotation, the importance of file design and how this aspect can improve instrumentation results, how to determine working length electronically, and how to master an intuitive two-file instrumentation technique. The event offers 7 CE credits and will take place at the Sheraton Grand Hotel on 6thAvenue. Click here to learn more and register.



Mars, Pennsylvania, February 8, 2019

This exciting course, entitled "Esthetic Dentistry with Composites: Achieving Great Results and Longevity is Easier Than You May Think," offers 7 CE credits and will be taught by international dental lecturer, Dr. Rafael Beolchi. Dr. Beolchi will share his secrets to stress-free placement of anterior composites, new keys for short and long-term success with adhesion and photo curing, how to reduce clinical stress by improving case predictability, and how to simplify composite layering techniques in a new, innovative way. Early-bird registration ($199) will be offered until January 22nd, and then registration will be $299. Click here to learn more and register. 



Edison, New Jersey, February 15, 2019

Dr. Ron Kaminer, esteemed clinician and dental lecturer, will headline "Minimally Invasive Endodontics: Streamlining Endo and Associated Procedures." This course will discuss how a simple understanding of the anatomy of the tooth can make endodontic treatments easier. He will also teach a simple step-by-step approach to cleaning and instrumenting canals, the differences between sealants, and teach a five-minute post and core procedure. This course offers 7 CE credits and will take place at the Sheraton Edison Hotel. Learn more and register here.



Jacksonville, Florida, February 15, 2019

Dr. Jaimeé Morgan, a sought-out esthetic dentist, will be at the helm of this course entitled "The Real Beauty of Composite Resins: Esthetic, Durable, Profitable." The course offers 7 CE credits and will take place at Jacksonville's Hyatt Regency Hotel. Dr. Morgan will be teaching attendees how to improve their cases by integrating whitening, tissue management, and gingival sculpting, and will share new concepts for placement of anterior and posterior composite resin restorations. She will also cover time-saving techniques that reduce work stress, increase profitability, and help patients avoid post-operative sensitivity. Register here!


West Harrison, New York, February 22, 2019

You're in for a treat with a masterful clinician and lecturer, Dr. Shea Bess, and his course,"My Keys to Dental Success: The Art of Dentistry Without Being an Artist, Clinical Hacks, Mastering Tough Conversations" (6 CE credits). Dr. Bess will teach his innovative protocol for achieving quality bond strengths every time, simple techniques for creating artful composite restorations for the non-artsy dentist, and never-fail tips for making perfect impressions the first time. He also candidly discusses which products and materials to save on, and when and why it's important to invest in others. You don't want to miss this! To get early bird pricing ($199) until January 22nd, or to register afterwards for $299 click here. 



Santa Barbara, California, March 8, 2019

Join Dr. Renato Leonardo, a sought-after endodontic expert, for "Streamlining Your Root Canal Treatments" in beautiful Santa Barbara. You will learn the benefits and limitations of reciprocation and rotation, the importance of file design and how it can improve instrumentation results, how to determine working length electronically, and an intuitive, easy two-file instrumentation technique that will change the way you approach endodontics. Call 800.520.6640 to register for the 7 CE credit course today!



Columbus, Ohio, March 8, 2019

Dr. John Flucke, a widely published and sought-out dental clinician and lecturer, will teach "Predictable, Low-Stress Endodontics for the General Practitioner." This course offers 7 CE credits and will give instruction on proper case selection, diagnostic techniques, isolation tips and tricks, and revolutionary instrumentation techniques. Dr. Flucke's personality and expertise make every CE course he teaches an event to remember. Call 800.520.6640 to register. 



Hartford, Connecticut, March 8, 2019

Get 12 CE credits when you attend Dr. John Graeber's course, "Components of Standard Level Laser Certification," which covers dental laser fundamentals as well as an in-person lecture and hands-on full-day program, divided into two modules (the first module is done at home at your leisure). To learn more click here or call 800.520.6600 to register for this $999 course today!