“The dentists love the Ultradent catalog because it’s an instructional manual too. It’s not just page after page of products and prices,” says Michelle Evans, the company’s catalog designer for the past 18 years. “Since the very first catalog, it’s also been a products and procedures manual. I’m always updating it thanks Ultradent’s innovation and frequent new product launches. Also, the awards that we list for each product is something we update every year.”

She continues, “I work on more than 15 catalogs a year. I do one domestic catalog, and numerous international catalogs, including catalogs in Portuguese and Spanish. We also have an endodontic products catalog, an endo international catalog, an ortho catalog, an ortho catalog in Spanish, and we print a universities catalog, among others. I touch at least three catalogs every single day.”

However, there’s one thing that never changes. “The cover always features the famous Delicate Arch, which represents Utah, even on our international catalogs. Dr. Fischer is proud that Ultradent is Utah-based, and so the red rocks and Delicate Arch have really become a symbol of the company,” Michelle says.

Despite the complexity and enormity of designing so many catalogs, Michelle says the catalog’s use as an “owner’s manual” for Ultradent products makes her job gratifying. “Many dentists keep the catalog right in their operatory to reference during procedures because of the fact that it is a product and procedures manual and adds more value than just for shopping. Even after they purchase products, they hold onto the catalog, which means a lot and gives it more importance than a ‘magazine.’”

In regards to bringing the catalogs to fruition—despite often working around the clock to make last minute changes or to rearrange pages before they go to print—Michelle points out that Dr. Fischer’s vision of having and getting many things done under Ultradent’s roof helps. “It’s so nice that we have our research and development and regulatory teams here, take all of the product shots, and have our copywriters and brand management team right here in-house. It makes last minute changes so much easier. I love working with our designers, our photographers, regulatory, Dr. Fischer, and everyone else that has a hand in the catalog coming together.”

Michelle Evans, Ultradent's Catalog Designer

It’s no wonder Dr. Fischer calls Michelle the “Catalog Queen,” though his trademark touch is seen in every aspect of the company. “One year, we hung every single page of the catalog on the walls of a room and Dr. Fischer rearranged and even cut some pages in half and moved them to other places. This was before everything was as digital as it is today. When we were finished, we put the catalog together in the way he wanted it. We called that room where all the pages were on the walls ‘The War Room,’” she recalls with a chuckle.

“Working with Dr. Fischer has been awesome. I can read his notes and writing without a hitch because I’ve gotten so many from him over the years and worked so closely with him. I consider him part of my family. I feel like we’ve really developed a trust through time and experience, and that feels great.”

Ultradent will celebrate its 37th year in the business this coming July, and its 37th catalog. What started as a little catalog of a small line of tissue management products now proudly showcases over 500 product offerings, along with clinicals and innovative uses, today.