Sharing job perks with our friends and family is generally awesome, regardless of your field. I have a carpenter friend who’s thrilled when another buddy asks him to help remodel a kitchen. Another friend works at a bike shop and lights up when I ask her about fork suspension. But working in the dental industry, it’s hard for me to share pieces of my job with those around me—let’s face it, the party doesn’t exactly light up if I arrive with an ultrasonic scaler and some prophy angles.


This was the case until I had some Opalpix™ interproximal cleaners with me at a barbecue last weekend. And yes, I know “try these interproximal cleaners!” might not sound like a line that spurs elation at a party… but bear with me, because Opalpix cleaners are far from the average toothpick.


Ribs, corn on the cob, and ribeye steaks were on the menu. All of those leave a graveyard of meal scraps stuck throughout the teeth—especially when you gnaw on the bone of a ribeye like a caveman. (We’ve all done it. It’s not pretty, but we’ve all done it.)


With a table full of family experiencing the post-meal annoyance of trying to pluck food from between their teeth (in a socially acceptable manner), I reached into my pocket and pulled out a pack of Opalpix cleaners. They circulated around the table, with each person immediately becoming a fan of the comfortable design—and asking for their own pack.

The thin tip design allows easy cleaning access and won’t splinter or break.

My niece with braces was especially relieved, as Opalpix cleaners are great for working between bonded retainers.


I can’t say my family noticed the textured surface (or the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity). I highly doubt they realized that they were massaging interproximal tissue while also removing plaque/debris. What they noticed is simple: Opalpix cleaners work—a whole lot better than any toothpick, fingernail, or other object they’ve used (that probably make dentists shudder, like my uncle and his pocketknife) to “clean-up” after a meal.


While Opalpix cleaners are made for anyone and everyone, clinicians can receive an added marketing benefit by offering them to patients. Personalized stickers can be added to the packs, so when Opalpix cleaners are used and shared by patients, everyone will see your name and practice attached.

Each individual pack contains 32 Opalpix cleaners.

Whether used to help advertise your office, or just to help folks clear their mouths of debris after a great meal, Opalpix cleaners are a perfect addition to your practice—and your pocket.


Unfortunately, when I left the barbecue my pack of Opalpix cleaners stayed behind. I’d like to pretend I left them as a kind gesture to the hosts, my parents. That’s not the case. I went to grab them and was told, very clearly, I wouldn’t be taking them. Yes, my mom stole a pack of Opalpix cleaners from me—I can easily get another pack at work…but don’t tell her. I need this one.

Try Opalpix cleaners here.