Being in a rush is a common experience for anyone working in a dental office. Time is in short supply and you’re always looking for ways to provide quality care without crippling the clock. “A lot of the time dentists are in a rush, they feel like they need to get things done quickly, so sometimes the polishing step is skipped,” says Dr. Brett Richins, DDS, and Ultradent Clinical Team member. “But this extra step of polishing doesn’t need to be intimidating, doesn’t need to be something you think is going to take a bunch of time [ ... ] It’s the final touch that takes good dentistry to great dentistry.”


For that “final touch,” Dr. Richins trusts the Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher in the Jiffy Natural composite system. “I really like it for occlusal surfaces, but you also can take it to the smooth surfaces really easily with a lot of control [ ... ] I personally fell in love with it pretty quickly.”


For Dr. Richins, his love for Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher stems from its versatility, flexibility, and durability.




Being adaptable to multiple surfaces and textures sets the Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher , and the Jiffy Natural system, apart from the field. “If you have the Jiffy Natural polishing kit ready and you pull out this [Jiffy Natural] Twirl polisher, even if you’re doing an occlusal, buccal, or multiple surfaces where you have smooth surfaces and an occlusal surface, you can polish all of it with one polisher if you want to,” Richins says.


This convenience saves chair time without sacrificing patient care. “You also have the other options in that Jiffy Natural polishing kit to pull out stuff if you want to get a little bit closer on a smooth surface and those kinds of things.”




Flexibility plays a big part in what Dr. Richins appreciates in the Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher. The Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher effectively toes the fine line between too much flex and not enough. The hollow center allows for enough flex to contour to the tooth, while also providing enough resistance to achieve proper contact. “It doesn’t flex too much—it just gives you a little bit of flex and as soon as you push against it, it stays firm against the tooth. It doesn’t just flex away from the tooth so you aren’t getting the polish you need,” says Richins.





Excluding products designed to be disposable, dentists want to fill their offices with products with some longevity; products that won’t fall apart after a couple procedures. Jiffy Natural polishers have long held a reputation as durable, and the Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher extends this precedent.

“These little fingers can look kind of delicate, but because they bend in and support each other, they don’t break off, they tend to last quite a few polishes,” Richins says. “One of the reasons dentists might be tempted to skip that polishing step, if things already feel good enough to the patient, is cost, right? If you’re using an expensive polisher and it’s wearing out after 2–3 uses, that can get expensive.”


The Next Great Polisher for You


The “final touch that takes good dentistry to great dentistry,” as Dr. Richins calls it, may be as simple as adding Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher to your polishing arsenal. Whether you’re already a fan of existing Jiffy Natural polishers or you’re new to the system, the Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher is designed with the versatility, flexibility, and durability to help you achieve a premium polish time and time again.


Give the Jiffy Natural Twirl polisher a try!