When does 3=4? When we’re talking about how the 3 components of the Triodent™​ sectional matrix systems​ help you achieve the 4 C’s of a successful Class II restoration.

We know what you’re looking for in your Class II restorations. It’s what we call the 4 C’s: natural contours, tight contacts, consistent outcomes, and total confidence in your work. We also know that if you want restorations you can take pride in, you need a complete matrix system you can rely on.

The Triodent sectional matrix system has the 3 essential components you need to create beautiful Class II restorations. Each component is carefully designed to be effective on its own, but the system simply works better together.


Sectional Matrices

The Triodent V3 SuperCurve matrix and the Triodent V3 Tab matrix are designed with accurate anatomical features that create natural contours. The Triodent SuperCurve matrix and the V3 Tab matrix both offer contoured profiles to better follow the curvature of the natural tooth.​




The nickel-titanium V3 Ring exerts consistant separation force on the teeth to produce predictable contacts. The glass-fiber reinforced plastic V-shaped tines are also specially shaped to accommodate the unique Wave-Wedge and V-Wedge.​



The shape of the Wave-Wedge allows for easy placement interproximally. The wings compress on entry and flare again upon exit for a high-quality fit and seal. The wedge design minimizes impingement of soft tissue. Both the Wave-Wedge and V-Wedge offer stackability and are disposable.  ​

When used together, the unique components of the Triodent sectional matrix systems deliver the outcomes you want. Don’t settle for nything less than total confidence. Use the 3 components of the Triodent system together to get all 4 C’s of a successful Class II restoration.


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