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San Rafael Swell Overlook​


Andrea Bailey might be a Utah native, but that doesn't mean she takes Utah's incredible geography for granted. In fact, Andrea, who is Ultradent's global brand manager over composites and crown and bridge materials, says that the state's outdoor offerings—including its unmatched mountains, red rock formations, and lakes—are what keep her in the beehive state. 



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Andrea Bailey and her husband, Derek, at Arches National Park​


Last year, Andrea was showing Utah's landscape to a cousin who was visiting from England. As they traveled on the road between Zion National Park and Moab, they stopped to take in the view at a scenic overlook in Utah's San Rafael Swell.  "We just decided to pull over at this spot and there was so much color and there were so many gorgeous rock formations that we all took our cameras out and started snapping pictures," she says. The result was Ultradent's September calendar photo.​​ ​ ​

Andrea says she has a hard time picking a favorite part of Utah. In addition to the gorgeous view at the San Rafael Swell, one of the beautiful vistas that stands out in her mind is the scenery in Zion National Park. "I love driving into the park and seeing the gigantic walls of rock that surround you as soon as you enter the canyon. The red rock in southern Utah is just magical. Every time I visit, it just takes my breath away." 

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Hiking Grandeur Peak


She adds, "I also love having the mountains so close to our headquarters. You can literally drive less than 20 minutes and you're there. It's so convenient and it's like a huge playground. My husband is an avid mountaineer and if we lived somewhere flat I think he'd be miserable! He's really had an enormous influence on cultivating my hobbies, and now I love to hike, rock climb, and canyoneer. It's great exercise, and it's great therapy!" 


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Lake Blanche​


2016 marks Andrea's eighth year at Ultradent, and she clearly takes advantage of this Utah company's stunning surroundings! 

Thank you for the gorgeous photo, Andrea!

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