“While placing the UltraSeal XT hydro, you can literally see the sealant going into the pits and fissures! Day and night difference (from other sealants), and the use of the little light is a fun way to show the kids and parents and be able to check retention at their six-month appointments.” -Stephanie Vieau, Dental Assistant, Centreville, Virginia

Choosing the right dental sealant and placing it properly can prove to be quite the challenge. So many sealants on the market fail to follow through on their promises-often peeling at the margins, popping off the tooth, and failing to prevent microleakage over time.

The right sealant should act as a protective barrier to the teeth, sealing out bacteria and food, which in turn, prevents cavities. Most often recommended for placement on children, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) says, “sealant placement in children and adolescents has shown a reduction of cavities’ incidence by 86% after one year and 58% after four years.” Furthermore, the AAPD also states, “Most cavities in children occur in places that sealants could have protected. Pit and fissure decay accounts for 80 to 90% of cavities in permanent back teeth and 44% in baby teeth.”1

Ultradent’s UltraSeal XT hydro is a light-cured, radiopaque, fluoride-releasing composite sealant with a hydrophilic chemistry and advanced adhesive technology, ensuring the sealants’ longevity. It is stronger and more wear-resistant because it is a 53%-filled resin and features less polymerization shrinkage than competitive products. When applied with Ultradent’s Inspiral® Brush tip, the tip causes shear thinning of the filled, thixotropic sealant, reducing its viscosity as it is placed. The resin stops flowing when shear thinning ceases and placement is complete, preventing it from running before it can be cured. UltraSeal XT hydro’s hydrophilic chemistry and characteristic thixotropic natures chases moisture (that in hydrophobic sealants can cause sealant failure) deep into the pits and fissures on a microscopic level. Once there, the advanced technology securely bonds the sealant to the enamel, increasing marginal retention and reducing microleakage.

To apply UltraSeal XT hydro, follow the steps below:

UltraSeal XT Hydro Steps

After placing the sealant, it is often difficult to check margins and retention. UltraSeal XT hydro addresses that difficulty with added fluorescent properties, making the sealant fully viewable under black light. This way, dental staff can check the integrity of the sealant at the time of placement and at subsequent visits, allowing them to literally see the retention.

UltraSeal XT Hydro