The OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plug is an easy and affordable way to clinically deliver bone graft—providing socket preservation without the need for a membrane. It creates a bone-grafting material by combining type I bovine Achilles tendon collagen with bioactive (and resorbable) non-ceramic calcium apatite crystals.


To use an OsteoGen plug:

Extract the tooth.

Step One Tooth Extract


Debride site thoroughly using a curet and surgical bur.

OsteoGen_02_debride site_small


Select the appropriate size OsteoGen plug depending on the root canal anatomy.

Step Three Select Size


Cut and shape plug as needed for socket.



Insert OsteoGen plug to deliver bone graft and absorb blood flow.

- This will stabilize the plug and initiate early bone formation and angiogenesis.

Step five Part 1 insert

Step five part two insert


Gently pack down OsteoGen plug to soft-tissue level.

Step Six Pack Tissue


Approximate tissue.

-Use a crisscross suture over the top to keep plug in place.

-There’s no need to use a membrane over the site.

-Using non-resorbable sutures is advisable to ensure two full weeks of healing (removable sutures may be used, but must last at least two weeks).

Step 7 Approximate Tissue


Host bone tissue should replace the structure within a few months. The OsteoGen plug is radiolucent when placed, but it will become radiopaque within 3–5 months (when it has been replaced with host bone tissue). Implant placement can then be achieved.


Try the OsteoGen plug here.  


The OsteoGen® Plug is manufactured by Impladent Ltd. Jamaica, NY.