​​Not all endodontic files are created equal. In fact, it’s the small details that make a huge difference. An endodontic file should be able to negotiate curvatures with apt file flexibility while maintaining enough resistance to advance to the apical third. Even the handle design of a file can determine whether or not a clinician can make it through a grueling and extremely intricate procedure without experiencing fatigue, soreness, and burnout.
It’s these little details that make Ultradent’s Endo-Eze™ hand files stand out among the sea of endodontic files available on the market today. Each file was designed to make shaping efficiency and superior instrumentation achievable, comfortable, and affordable for both the endodontic specialist and the general dentist who performs endodontics in their office.
The Endo-Eze stainless steel and nickel-titanium files are created using a state-of-the-art alloy treatment giving them the flexibility to negotiate curvatures and the resistance to advance to the apical third. The ergonomic handles help improve clinical performance, giving the clinician better tactile feedback and reducing fatigue. Additionally, here are a few details and features of each file that differentiate Endo-Eze files from the rest:

Stainless Steel K-Files


The Endo-Eze stainless steel K-files allow for balanced flexibility and resistance as the clinician cleans and shapes the canal for root canal preparation. Each file has a 60° angle, non-cutting tip that allows for effortless file penetration. Additionally, the files feature a unique, spiral design with four cutting edges and a square cross section.



NiTi K-Files​

Each NiTi K-f​ile is made with nickel-titanium treated alloy, providing the sharpness and cutting ability needed for endodontic procedures with added flexibility, making them ideal for enlarging severely curved canals.



Hedstrom (H-Files)​

The Endo-Eze Hedstrom files are specially designed for retreatment. The flute-like spiral design of each file increases in depth and length from tip to handle, allowing for enhanced efficiency while maintaining safety—a priority in the design of each and every Endo-Eze file





Each FlexFile is made with stainless steel alloy to allow for extremely high flexibility. The square cross-section design features more cutting edges than the K-files. Again, with safety the utmost priority, each Flexfile​ has a non-cutting tip to reduce risk for the patient while the files are in use. 




Finger Spreaders​

The Endo-Eze finger spreaders have a tapered design that allows the clinician to safely open the canal space for lateral compaction of the gutta percha. Each file matches the ISO standard sizing for gutta percha compatibility. 

Whether it's the flexibility to negotiate complicated endodontic curvatures or the ergonomic design of the file handle, the detail put into the making of Ultradent's Endo-Eze handfiles allows for a noticeably more comfortable endodontic experience that prevents clinician fatigue and soreness.

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