“Having grown up in red rock country, just across the southern Utah border in Page, Arizona, I took the beauty and majesty of the landscape for granted,” says Marv Begay, a formulator who has worked at Ultradent for three years. “It wasn’t until I moved away and came to college up north that I realized what I had.” 

Marv Begay

Marv took the breathtaking Ultradent December cover photo in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park last year as he passed through the area on his way back to Salt Lake City from Page, Arizona. A skilled photographer, he knew the perspectives of the park were something he couldn’t miss. “It had just snowed, so I knew I needed to go out of my way to get a few shots,” he says. “I went there at the perfect time. No one was there and the freshly fallen snow looked beautiful. It’s a rare sight to see,” he remarks. 
Marv Begay at Canyonlands National Park

Although he adores the red rock that he says makes him feel at home, Marv says he also appreciates the changing seasons that living in Northern Utah has to offer. He’s lived in the area since after high school when he came to attend Utah Valley University, eventually graduating with a degree in biology and coming to work at Ultradent.

Marv Begay at the Colorado River

“I love working here—mostly because of the people. There’s also really a sense of teamwork that I feel here more than any place else that I’ve worked. The culture is so unique that way,” he says.

Marv Begay at Astrom Point

He also adds, “I love working for a company that gives back and I admire Dr. Fischer for leading the way in that regard. It makes me really proud to work here.”

When he’s not working, Marv loves playing sports, hiking, and exploring. “I love getting out there and going on adventures. There’s just so much to see around us,” he says with a smile.

Marv Begay at The Wave, located in Arizona, just over the border of Utah

We’re lucky to have a talented person like Marv as a part of our Ultradent family and team.

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