"Leenie has been by my side since I began even thinking about creating Astringedent® hemostatic, Ultradent's first product," said Dr. Fischer last Friday, June 10, at a celebration held in his wife's honor. "So technically, this should be her 40th anniversary here at the company, but we didn't officially become a company until five years later. So we're celebrating her 35th anniversary today!"


Surrounded by close family, friends, and colleagues, Dr. Fischer addressed the crowd, at various times choking back tears when speaking of Leenie. "Guys, you know what this means for your dad… she's the longest Ultradent employee next to me."


"It's important to note that Ultradent would not be in existence if it weren't for the original dental office where I practiced after graduating from Loma Linda." Dr. Fischer went on to say. "There, because of our associations at the time, we often worked from morning until night on large polygamous families that had traveled sometimes 700 miles to see us."

"Because of the time it took and the workload involved, we knew we had to rethink our dentistry and find faster ways to perform our procedures. That led to the advent of Astringedent hemostatic."  


Because of those very long and busy hours, Dr. Fischer recounted the many sacrifices Leenie had to make in support of Ultradent, often leaving for the dental office early in the morning and not getting home until the children were in bed. "I want to thank Leenie and even the children who made the sacrifice of not seeing their mom sometimes as much as they'd have liked to, and for all that they've done and helped us accomplish as a family and as a company. It's fun to be here today, all together, to celebrate."

Indeed, this company certainly wouldn't be what it is today and may not even exist were it not for the unwavering and steadfast support and hard work of Leenie Fischer. Ultradent celebrates you, thanks you, and congratulates you on 35 wonderful years!