In 2016, Ultradent introduced the the highly-anticipated Jiffy Universal Finishing System—a universal finishing system of it’s kind in which the adjusters and polishers work interchangeably on all ceramics, including porcelain, lithium disilicate, and zirconia, and with equally good results. The adjusters and polishers contain specially formulated Ultradent diamond grit for optimal smoothness and outstanding polishing ability, which is essential to a quality good restoration. If a restoration isn’t finished properly, it can result in microfractures and abrasion of the softer natural dentition of adjacent teeth, as well as staining. 
​Because of the extreme hardness of many of the modern restorative materials available today, effectively adjusting and polishing these restorations has become a challenge for dentists. So when Ultradent released the Jiffy Universal Finishing System, the reviews came pouring in. Based on a formal evaluation conducted by Dental Product Shopper ​in which ten randomly selected dentists used the Jiffy Universal Finishing System for several weeks, the Jiffy Universal Finishing System scored a 4.6 out of 5 rating, making it a Dental Product Shopper “Best Product.” 
Here’s what some of the individual evaluators had to say about the system:

Dr. Steven Schwartz said,
“I just found a product that solves a problem (difficulty polishing zirconium) better than any other product on the market. In a world of over-hyping, this product more than delivered what it promised.”

Dr. Steven Oliver said,
“The product provides a finish that rivals oven glazing in much less time.”

Dr. James Merrett, said he got “excellent results” with the Jiffy System, saying,“I was surprised how simple this product was to use, and how great a result I got with ease.” He also added that the system is “kinder to opposing teeth.”

Dr. Richard Creaghe, a dentist with 26-years of experience from San Rafael, CA called the Jiffy Universal Finishing System the
“best polishing system I have used yet.” Adding that the system polished porcelain and zirconia after adjusting “beautifully.”

Overall, 100% of the Dental Product Shopper evaluators said they would recommend the Jiffy Universal Finishing System to a friend.

Here’s how the system scored with evaluators in each of the categories upon which the evaluation was based:

(Photo courtesy of Dental Product Shopper​)

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