The bottom line is that dentists aren't just dentists—you're also business owners! But many dentists refer out their orthodontic business, essentially giving away the massive revenue that this part of dental practice offers. However, the simplicity of clear aligners has provided a way for you to easily and affordably offer effective orthodontic solutions to your patients.
Clear aligners have swept the country and now account for a sizeable chunk of the orthodontic market every year. Because they have a nearly invisible look, are low maintenance, and are easily removable they continue to attract patients as the market for an alternative to brackets continues to grow.
When you use Ultradent’s Thermo Clone™ VPS impression material, the process for getting patients set up with clear aligners is as easy as taking an impression for a crown. Follow these easy steps using ThermoClone VPS impression material and you’ll have impressions ready to send off to the lab for clear aligners in minutes!


Six Steps to a Nearly Invisible Teeth Straightening Solution Using Thermo Clone VPS Impression Material


    1. Have a dental assistant fill a full-arch tray with Thermo Clone Heavy Body VPS impression material while you simultaneously apply ThermoClone VPS Light Body impression material over the patient’s upper or lower arch.
Thermo Clone Light Body VPS  Impression Material and Thermo Clone Heavy Body VPS Impression Material
    1. Take the full-arch tray (containing Thermo Clone Heavy Body impression material) and insert it into the patient’s mouth over the Thermo Clone VPS Light Body impression material.
    2. Leave the tray in the patient’s mouth for 2 minutes 15 seconds.
    3. Remove the impression material and check for defects. Remake the impression if distortions or tears are present.
    4. Apply the Thermo Clone Bite Registration material to determine the occlusal relationship.

Thermo Clone Bite Registration Impression Material
  1. Send the impressions to the lab for clear aligner production.

In six easy steps you could have happy patients, a more diversified dental practice, and increased revenue. What are you waiting for?

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