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This year's Hawaii Seminar will take place on February 27–March 3, 2019.

Here at Ultradent, we've spent countless hours finding the most luxurious locales, curating the most fascinating and engaging speakers, and creating experiences through our destination seminars that aren't just "homework" for our clinicians and their teams who attend, but experiences that they look forward to and remember forever. 

One of these seminars is our coveted Hawaii Oceanside Retreat Seminar, scheduled this coming year for February 27–March 3, 2019, featuring two world- renowned key opinion leader (KOL) lecturers, Dr. Mike Miyasaki and Dr. Renato Miotto Palo. We sat down with both doctors to discuss what attendees can expect from their lectures, and the secret reason destination seminars like this can enhance your career even after the classes have ended.


Dr. Mike Miyasaki, who will be presenting on "The Clinical Application of the Two 'Faces' of the Gemini Laser," as well as "Principle-Based Comprehensive Dentistry Restored Esthetically," is one of the most sought-after KOL lecturers when it comes to lasers and esthetic dentistry. With over 30 years in practice and a seasoned educator, Dr. Miyasaki brings an engaging, accessible style that every clinician can relate to. Of the seminar and what he'll be presenting, Dr. Miyasaki says, "I'm excited to cover two of my favorite topics—the placement of bonded restorations and the use of soft-tissue diode lasers in various restorative procedures. Success in adhesive dentistry depends on completing a lot of steps correctly and choosing the correct materials, and I believe my presentations will bring some insight and clarity to this process. Patients consider the use of a laser by their dentist as one of the best high-tech procedures available and the information I will be presenting will demonstrate how and why this is true."   


The renowned Dr. Mike Miyasaki, will be presenting at this year's Hawaii Seminar about laser dentistry, among other topics.


Miyasaki adds, "I'm looking forward to presenting because the information I included in these two presentation are things that I think can really change the success my colleagues have in their practices when doing a single-unit direct posterior, an anterior restoration, or a larger indirect case. When it comes to lasers, we'll also delve into how the laser works, and I think this makes learning a system of its kind easy to understand and apply. I can't tell you how many colleagues of mine have a laser that they aren't using to its fullest capacity, or who might be interested in lasers, but don't know what to look for in a laser unit. I'm hoping people who attend the Hawaii Seminar, will come away from it armed with all of this knowledge and more." 

Dr. Renato Miotto Palo, another renowned lecturer, will be presenting at the Hawaii seminar on the topic "Tooth Whitening Today—How to Achieve Predictability." He says, "I'm looking forward to sharing the information I've gleaned from my practice and 15 years of tooth whitening research to give attendees great options for getting great whitening results. I really hope the doctors that come leave feeling like the things they learn in my course are things they can apply the very next day in their practice."


Respected KOL Dr. Renato Miotto Palo is set to present at this year's Hawaii Seminar about tooth whitening.


Dr. Miotto added, "I choose to lecture on whitening for Ultradent because of the longstanding reputation for quality and stability that Opalescence Whitening Systems has gained. I truly believe they provide the longest-lasting, highest quality results for the patients, and I will demonstrate that in my lectures." 

As a fellow clinician, Dr. Miyasaki often encourages other denstists to attend destination seminars like Ultradent's Hawaii Seminar, because "An event like a destination seminar in Hawaii is enjoyable because the atmosphere is relaxed and we have multiple days to interact both during the meeting and after the courses. I always find that the secret weapon to these types of events are fabulous networking opportunities they provide for all attendees, including the lecturers themselves in the downtime between and after the classes are over."

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The Hawaii Ocean Retreat Seminar will be held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii.


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