I'm fortunate to share the halls of Ultradent with members of my own family. Many of my children have made careers here at Ultradent. I'm proud of the family culture we have here—a culture that spans our global campus with our global family. 

Our large and global Ultradent family recently gathered for our annual State of the Company address. We highlighted achievements, showcased future plans, and celebrated our people. I was overjoyed to see our core values exemplified in our work. We've had a remarkable year at Ultradent. We've introduced new products, aided inspiring humanitarian efforts, and furthered our vision of improving oral health globally. 

I'm deeply appreciative for all of you who help us achieve our goals. I'm referring to all the clinicians who use our products, media outlets who share our message, global vendors and distributors who share our products, and the patients who benefit from our efforts. 

I often think back to Ultradent's humble beginnings, gathered around the dining room table. My family played a crucial role in getting this company off the ground. They were very hard workers. They spent many nights tirelessly helping me build the foundation for what Ultradent has become. I still get to work with my children on a near daily basis, but even when I don't see them, I feel like I'm surrounded by family thanks to the exceptional people of Ultradent—the people within the walls of our buildings, the people who make up our global campus, and those of you who do business with us across the world. 

Companies aren't made of concrete, glass, and steel. They're made of people. Thank you all for your support of our mission to improve oral health globally. 

I hope this holiday season affords you all the opportunity to build memories with your loved ones and to enjoy your time together. 


Happy Holidays to you all,



Dr. Dan Fischer