​I have so many memories surrounding the holidays, like seeing kids pile out of the car after driving from another part of the country to come back home and reconnect with those they love for a few days or a week or two. It's so special.

In fact, the holidays are so wonderful because they give us many excuses to come together as family—be it through shopping for each other or the fact that the occasion helps us to think about one another more. It's a wonderful time to give our thanks to one another. Being accessible to one another, the gift of our time, can be one of the greatest gifts. In fact, the gift of quality time spent together during the holidays is my favorite thing, and I think perhaps the thing that people—be they grandparents like me or parents with their children—cherish most That's what truly makes it the most wonderful time of the year.


Additionally, the holidays have always been a special time for Ultradent. From the very beginning, we've put a strong emphasis on giving our employees a significant amount of time off between Christmas and the new year. I believe that time should be set aside to spend with family, and it's one of the greater perks or incentives that we have for our employees. A good number of them say it's one of the main things they love about working at Ultradent. This year, we will close December 25, 2017 and will reopen January 2, 2018 so our employees can spend special, quality time with those they love and recharge their batteries and be ready to tackle the new year.


From all of us here at Ultradent, we wish you the happiest of holidays and truly hope that, for you, it's the most wonderful time of the year.