Editor's note: This blog was written by My Social Practice Chief Marketing Officer Adrian Lefler as part of a series of practice management guest posts. On October 3rd, Ultradent will be hosting Adrian along with My Social Practice President Blake Hadley for a webinar on how AI is revolutionizing dental marketing. Please join us to learn how dental marketing experts leverage AI tools to improve dental practice marketing efforts dramatically.


How AI Works

Artificial intelligence tools are built on predictive programming algorithms called Large Language Models (LLMs), similar to how a human brain functions. When you feed enough information into the LLM algorithm, it can create patterns used to predict outcomes.


In 2021, OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, fed all of the information on the internet into their ChatGPT algorithm, creating a text-based large language model. If you've had the chance to use ChatGPT you've likely been amazed at its writing capabilities. Many people are intimidated by how human it sounds.


A helpful example of how AI works is the different responses you get when searching on Google for the phrase "Jack and Jill went":

AI Dental Marketing | Jack and Jill on Google

The Google search result provides a Wiki article, song lyrics, and several YouTube videos about Jack and Jill going up the hill.


Here's what I get when I put "Jack and Jill went" into ChatGPT:

AI Dental Marketing | Jack and Jill on ChatGPT


Google search gives you content tagged with "Jack and Jill," whereas Chatgpt predicts the following words in the phrase. ChatGPT is not a search engine; it's a prediction tool. 


AI for Dental Marketing

Catchy or interesting ideas and content creation drive great dental marketing. AI can help with both of those tasks.


I have an idea about a teeth whitening campaign for couples getting ready to wed. The idea is that they would be coloring each other's lives in marriage, but they don't want yellow teeth. I was stuck on headlines and copywriting, so I asked ChatGPT to help me out. Here's what I got:

AI Dental Marketing | Coloring each others lives headlines

I liked #4 and needed some images to post on social media. I jumped into MidJourney, an AI graphics software, and asked it to make me several images of couples covered in paint on their wedding day. Here are three of the images:

AI Dental Marketing | Colorful wedding photos


I now have a headline and three images; all I need are some captions for the social media posts. I jumped back into ChatGPT and asked it to create social media captions. Here is what I got:

AI Dental Marketing | Captions for social media post

That process took me only a few minutes, which would not have been possible without the help of artificial intelligence. AI can be extremely helpful in flushing out ideas.


Great AI Marketing Tools

Tools are coming online almost daily, so it's essential to keep your eye out. But here are a few that I would recommend:

  1. ChatGPT for copywriting
  2. Grammarly for copywriting
  3. Midjourney for images
  4. Jasper for copywriting
  5. Stable Diffusion for video and graphics
  6. Leonardo for graphics


What Not to Do in AI Dental Marketing

AI is not the end-all-be-all and should be used as a tool, not as the solution, especially with copywriting. If you copy and paste AI copywriting, you're risking the search engines recognizing the copy as AI and your site being devalued in search.


You also risk publishing non-factual information. Because AI is a predictive content model and does not fact-check, it can create hallucinations. A hallucination is when AI comes up with a predictable, but not factual, result. Please read about the attorney who used ChatGPT to write his motion and got caught.


The best practice for using AI in your dental marketing is to use it to help flush out your creative marketing ideas, rather than doing your marketing for you.



Venturing into the world of AI dental marketing is a leap towards revolutionizing your dental practice. The potential of AI in fostering creativity and efficiency in marketing is tremendous. From crafting catchy headlines to generating captivating visual content, AI tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney, and others are reshaping the landscape of dental marketing.


We invite you to attend our webinar on October 3rd to further explore the intersection of AI and dental marketing. Our very own Hartley Lojik will be hosting the event and we’ve invited industry experts Blake Hadley and Adrian Lefler from My Social Practice to discuss how AI is revolutionizing dental marketing. My Social Practice is a dental marketing company based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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