Congratulations! You’ve just popped open your brand new VALO™ X curing light and you’re excited to use it with your patients.


While the light will look familiar to fans of the VALO curing light family, it’s packed with plenty of new features for you to enjoy. For starters, the 12.5 mm lens provides unparalleled coverage with 12 LED (eight curing and four white lights). These deliver superior curing depth and beam columniation when compared to other available lights.




Taking a look at the top and bottom of the light, you’ll notice function buttons conveniently located on both sides. These work interchangeably for activation and operation, designed for easy, comfortable access regardless of your hand position.


The VALO X light allows you to seamlessly switch between corded and cordless battery operation. To insert a battery, just twist the cap (counter clockwise) at the base of light to open the battery compartment. 




Please note, the battery that came with your VALO X light is rechargeable. The charging station is also included.




To switch to corded operation, remove the battery and insert the cord adapter where the battery was located.


youtube-video-gif (1)


The wall plug comes with several adapters, allowing you to power your VALO X curing light or charge batteries no matter where you’re located.




To learn more about the VALO X curing light or to schedule a live demo, click here.