HeroGeniusWith so many endodontic motor options available to general dentists and endodontists today, it’s no wonder that clinicians can have a difficult time initially selecting the right one for them. On the other end of the spectrum, some clinicians can end up stockpiling multiple endodontic motors in their supply closets due to changes and advancements in technology, discontinuation of files, or simple dissatisfaction with the motor or system they’re using due to excessive file breakage, malfunction, or other issues.

However, selecting an open motor endodontic system instantly solves both of these issues, as it leaves the clinician open to options regarding which files are best to use on individual patients, as well as the ability to continue evolving technologically when new file advancements hit the market. Still not convinced? Let’s explore three important reasons dentists and endodontists should opt for an open motor endodontic system for the benefit of their practice and their patients.

The Genius motor switches between reciprocation and rotary with the simple touch of a button.


An open motor endodontic system, like Ultradent’s Endo-Eze™ Genius® endodontic system, allows the clinician the freedom to do what’s best for the patient when it comes to files, file length, and brand. While the Genius endodontic system features Genius® files, which are especially designed to work with the Genius motor, Ultradent Products believes in giving dentists and endodontists the power to choose. Additionally, choosing an open motor system like the Genius endodontic system allows for companies like Ultradent to continue innovating, which in turn allows clinicians the ability to take advantage of new files and technologies that may become available in the future without having to purchase a new motor to accommodate them.


The scariest thing for dentists and endodontists when it comes to performing endodontic procedures is file breakage. That is why, upon dental school graduation, so many general practitioners refer their endodontic business out to specialists. Open motor endodontic systems bring simple endodontics back to the dental practice thanks to their straightforward technology and the many options they leave open to the clinician. The Genius motor not only comes with pre-programmed speed, torque, and angle settings to provide the ideal balance for endodontic procedures, but it also features both reciprocation and rotary modes which the clinician can switch between with the touch of a button.
The Genius endodontic motor features reciprocation movement, which cuts 90° and releases 30°, which constantly takes the tension off the file, preventing file breakage.

The reciprocation movement used in the Genius system, which cuts 90° and releases 30°, constantly takes the tension off the file, helping to prevent breakage unlike many systems that only offer rotary. The beauty of being able to switch between reciprocation and rotary with the touch of a button is that clinicians get the best of both worlds—they are able to reach the working length of the canal through reciprocation safely, while finishing the procedure in rotation (rotary) mode in order to best remove any remaining debris from the canal without ever having to change the file.

Additionally, open motor systems like the Genius system further simplify endodontics by allowing most procedures to be completed with just two files. Ultradent recommends shaping the canal with a 25 x .04 file until working length is achieved, and then completing the procedure with the finishing file of choice.

The Genius system also features rotary movement, allowing clinicians the ability to remove any remaining debris from the canal without having to change the file.

A Sound Investment:

How many endodontics motors do many clinicians have sitting, unused, on their storage shelves? The answer to that question for most would be, “many.” So many times, doctors invest in a motor they believe in, only to find out later that the company that makes the motor has gone out of business or discontinued the product, or that the files have been discontinued, or even worse, that technological advances in endodontics have rendered the motor and its offerings obsolete. Also, many companies only allow their proprietary files to be used with the motor they sell, holding the clinician hostage to their pricing, their research and advancement (or lack thereof) in technology, and their techniques. Choosing an open motor system like the Genius endodontic system prevents these extremely common pitfalls, ensuring that the clinician’s investment in an open motor system can be their last.

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