A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to take my bride, Leenie, on a business trip to Italy for the launch of Mosaic® universal composite​, a product we’ve been testing and working on for years—making the trip to one of the most beautiful places in the world that much more exciting.

However, we made sure that a trip to Italy wasn’t strictly business. This trip was one of the few that Leenie went on with me. We set it up so we would arrive on Saturday and be able to take a couple days to relax and decompress. On Sunday, Aurelio Gisco, the director of Ultradent’s Italy office, and the fabulous Barbara Madalena took us to the Piedmont area vineyards, just north of Milan, where they grow and make the world-famous Barolo wines. What a stunningly beautiful part of the world. That night, we ate in one of the farm restaurants of the vineyard owner himself, where we were served wonderful, high-quality, down-to-earth, delicious Italian cooking.

Piedmont Vineyards 
Piedmont Vineyards region in northwestern Italy


After that, we traveled to a villa on Lake Como, where our team organized the fabulous launch of Mosaic composite, which Aurelio and his team painstakingly planned to the last detail. We worked for a good part of the day, finessing our presentations and coordinating with one another in preparation for that evening. 


Piedmont Vineyards 
View of Lake Como, Italy


The beautiful villa where we held the event, Casa Brenna-Tosatto was offered up to us for our use as a kind gesture from a famous dentist in Italy, Dr. Franco Brenna. He and his wife were so gracious and hospitable in making their villa available to all of the prominent dentists that our Italy team had invited to this event. Many came from various parts of the country—some from as far off as Rome—and everything went off without a hitch. The presentations went wonderfully and were followed by finger-foods, wine, and socializing. 


Casa Brenna-Tosatto and Ultradent's Italy Office 
Top: Casa Brenna-Tosatto, which sits on Lake Como, where the evening’s events were held
Bottom: Dr. Fischer, colleagues from Ultradent’s Italy office, and numerous Italian clinicians socialize as evening begins


I’m thrilled I was able to be there to introduce and help launch our fabulous Mosaic universal composite to the Italy market. I think they were very much excited about the product too. It’s been a product that we’ve tested and tested to get the performance results we want out of it, and it shows in the gorgeous cases so many clinicians have already completed. We were even able to show the dentists at the event some cases done by some of the Italian dentists in attendance. It really was a fun presentation and a fun audience to share it with. 

Dr. Fischer and Mosaic<sup>®</sup> Universal Composite 
Top: Dr. Fischer lectures on Ultradent’s newest composite, Mosaic™ Universal Composite
Bottom: Clinicians attending the event getting some hands on experience with Mosaic composite


Dr. Fischer and Mosaic<sup>®</sup> Universal Composite 
Professor Lorenzo Breschi, Dr. Dan Fischer,
Professor Antonio Cerutti, and Dr. Mario Allegri smile for a photo

After the wonderful evening came to a close, I was up at 4:00 a.m. the next day to head home!

Until next time,