Peak Universal Bond


We know what you're loo​king for in a bonding agent.

1. You want a product you can depend on.
If your restoration fails, it affects more than just your patient's teeth. Emergency appointments are costly and inconvenient. Peak Universal Bond adhesive is formulated with chlorhexidine (0.2%), which may ensure long-term bond strength, so you can create restorations you can rely on.1


2. You don't want a cabinet full of different materials.

Who needs more clutter in their office? Peak Universal Bond adhesive bonds directly or indirectly to multiple materials— like enamel, dentin, porcelain, metal, composite, and zirconia. 

3. You want to keep your technique.

Peak Universal Bond adhesive works effectively with a total-etch or self-etch technique. It's up to you!


4. You don't want any surprises.

The operatory isn’t a place to take risks. Ultradent painstakingly fine-tuned the formulation for Peak Universal Bond by testing literally tens of thousands of bonds over a period of years. What emerged was a consistent, reliable product.  

5. You want a product that works as hard as you do.
 You don't just want strong bonds; you want one of the highest bond strengths available. Peak Universal Bond has been proven to create bonds to dentin and enamel that are among the strongest on the market.1-3 ​​


1. Carrilho MRO, Carvalho RM, de Goes MF, di Hipolito V, Geraldeli S, Tay FR, Pashley DH, Tjaderhane L. Chlorhexidine preserves dentin bond in vitro. J Dent Res. 2007;86(1),90-94. 2. Clinicians Report, Volume 5, Issue 8, August 2012. 3. In-house testing shows the superior bond strengths of Peak Universal Bond. Data available upon request. ​