Performing endodontic procedures can be tricky and technique-sensitive—so much so that many clinicians end up referring the work out to a specialist, losing valuable business. 

Ultradent can help! Here are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your money while performing endodontic procedures in the safest way possible. 

1. Test the Tip First

Before expressing any material into the canal, always express a bit onto a gloved finger, a glass slab, or a pad to ensure that there aren't blockages and that the consistency of the material is right. This will help prevent overexpression and possible penetration of the chemistry through the periapical tissue during the procedure. 


Navitip 31ga double side port.jpg

Ultradent's NaviTip® 31 ga Double Sideport Irrigator tip minimizes the risk of expressing beyond the apex.


2. Never Reuse an Endodontic Tip

For the safety and health of the patient, NaviTip tips should never be reused under any circumstances. Be gentle when navigating the root canal so as not to break a tip. Always handle tips with care to avoid dropping them on the floor. Doing this will help you avoid using more tips than necessary. Buying tips in bulk is another great strategy for getting the most out of your office's supply budget. Ultradent also offers frequent discounts during tradeshows, Black Friday, and throughout the year on many of its products, including Navitip tips. Take advantage of these discounts to run a more economical and financially successful practice without compromising  the quality of your products or the well-being of your patients. You can sign up to receive Ultradent's email newsletter here, learn more about the Ultradent Elite loyalty program here, and/or follow Ultradent on Facebook to stay abreast of the latest deals and promotions! 


3. Consider Using a Sideport Tip

One way to help prevent overexpressing a solution to the apical tissue is to use the NaviTip® 31 ga Double Sideport Irrigator tip. The double sideport technology directs the flow of irrigant laterally towards the canal wall, minimizing the possibility of expressing beyond the apex. Furthermore, the NaviTip Double Sideport tip has the world's smallest cannula, which makes canal irrigation even safer, allowing it to navigate even the smallest and most intricate spaces. 


Irrigants Bottle Dispense.jpgIrrigants Indispense.jpg

Ultradent's endodontic irrigants, lubricants, and medicaments are formulated with specific tips in mind.


4. Pair the Right Chemistry with the Right Tip

One of the most important safety measures you can take when performing endodontics is pairing the right chemistries with the right tips. Luckily, Ultradent has taken the guesswork out of pairing tips with chemistries by carefully formulating each chemistry's viscosity for a preferred NaviTip tip. Quite literally, Ultradent's endodontic irrigants and NaviTip tips were made for each other. For example, Ultradent's MTAFlow™ repair cement is the only MTA repair cement on the market that can be expressed easily and smoothly through any of Ultradent's 29 ga NaviTip tip. Refer to this handy guide for pairing other chemistries with the correct tip for ease of use and safety: 

Chemistries and Tips Chart.jpg

This handy guide can help you pair the correct chemistry with the right tip for maximum ease of use and safety.



Taking on endodontic cases doesn't have to be complicated or stressful! For more guidelines, techniques, and to learn more about Ultradent's award-winning, groundbreaking endodontic product line including its chemistries and NaviTip tips, visit