This photo appears in our calendar for September and as our Facebook cover photo. Where was it taken?
That’s in Jericho, Utah at a place called Little Sahara. 
Jericho, Utah

Tell me the story behind this image.
Jericho is about an hour or 45 minutes southwest from Eureka, Utah. One day I just drove down there with my dog to shoot some desert shots because I really love photography, and I snapped this photo. I love the negative space in this photo and the composition of it, and that’s why I submitted it.

Were you born and raised here in Utah?
Oh yes.

What do you like about living in Utah?
Well, I love the outdoors. I get outside every day and walk or bike or exercise. It’s just so nice here. 

Image of a sunflower Ray shot during his many
walks where he takes him camera along with him

So being a photographer, I bet you love exploring Utah and all of its beautiful landscapes.
Yes. I’ve shot all kinds of things. I like shooting landscapes, but I love art photography, including wildlife photography. I love shooting birds and portraits. 
Image shot by Ray Brimall

Really! That’s amazing. Who do you like to take portraits of?
My family! I’ve got three kids and seven grandkids so that’s what I like to focus on. 
Left: Portrait taken by Ray Brimall of his grandson
Right: Action portrait Ray Brimhall shot of his
granddaughter playing in the water

Do you do digital or film?
Oh, I shoot film. I like to do it the traditional way. 
Maternity Shoot 
Ray Brimhall captures maternity photo
of his expectant daughter, and her son

What kind of camera do you use?
Well, I’ve got several—all film. 
Ray Brimhall home office
Ray’s home office, where he stores
many of his cameras and work

Is there a photographer that inspires your work?
I really like the work of Vivian Maier and I have one of the same cameras she frequently used to take her photos (a Rolleiflex), so I find that many of my shots have the same esthetic as her work. 
Left: Vivian Maier inspired shot taken by
Ray Brimhall with is Rolleiflex camera
Right: Ray captures his grandson with his
Rolleiflex camera

What do you do here at Ultradent?
I’m a machinist. We build and repair the parts for all of the robotics that Ultradent has—and Ultradent has the most robotics of any company west of the Mississippi River, excluding the auto industry.

How long have you been here at Ultradent?
I’ve been here almost 10 years.

Tell me about your experience working here at Ultradent.
I really enjoy it. I love my coworkers and my manager, Mike Krumpelmann, so that makes it great.

What makes Ultradent different from other places you’ve worked?
I’ve worked in places that felt like pressure cookers where they were always threatening to send our jobs to China if we didn’t work faster or better, which would compromise the work and the morale. Here, they respect our ability to do our jobs, and we do it well! I love the environment here and that we’re an American manufacturer. I also love the family-oriented culture. I also love Dr. Fischer. He’s such a nice guy. He knows everyone’s names, gives us hugs, and is always coming around for visit. And we love to see him.