I have to say, I'm very excited with the recent release of the newest member of our VALO family—the VALO Grand curing light. In fact, we've been chomping at the bit to be able to get this fantastic new light out to our customers because it raises the bar. With a 50% larger curing head than the original VALO curing light, the VALO Grand light has a footprint large enough to cure an MOD on a molar in one curing cycle! Not only this, but it does it in a way that if the dentist or dental assistant that is doing the curing is a little off of dead-center, the power and footprint of the VALO Grand light will compensate and provide a complete, uniform cure.





Now, no need to worry. All of the wonderful things that earned the original ​VALO curing light its many accolades and awards are here to stay and are featured on the VALO Grand light. It still has three power settings (
Standard, the new High Power Plus, and Xtra Power) so the clinician can choose their speed of cure, and it still features all of the same highly efficient broadband LEDs (395 nm–480 nm) complete with the optimally collimated beam that the VALO light has become known for. Additionally, we've maintained the light's unique unibody construction and ergonomic shape to make the VALO Grand light highly durable while providing easy access to all restoration sites, both posterior and anterior. All of these technologies, combined with a few upgrades, enable the VALO Grand curing light to perform in outstanding ways.

As well-kn
own professor Richard Price and many other leading dentists and dental researchers have pointed out, one of the main problems dentists and patients encounter is under-cured restorations. Under-cured restorations, especially posterior ones, can end up failing—causing the patient grief and the clinician more work. The quality of a posterior restoration comes down to the quality to which it is cured, and the VALO Grand curing light makes that easy, solvable, and predictable.




Another fun and very convenient feature I'd like to point out about the new VALO Grand light is the power button that is now on both sides of the wand so that regardless of how the dentist is positioning the light, that switch is easy to access, eliminating the need for the dentist to awkwardly spend time feeling around, trying to find it on the opposite side of the wand.


Last, I think that dentists are going to find that the VALO Grand light ​will provide an incredible return on investment for their practice because the dentist or assistant only has to cure a restoration once before they can be assured that the composite is completely polymerized, and that, in turn, makes for very high-quality work. If one provides a great service that is of high quality to their patients, their practice will grow, and the trust your patients have in you and your work will flourish as well.

I just can't sa
y it enough. I'm excited about this light.​



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