Why use the Ultrawave piezo ultrasonic device?
Any ultrasonic power scaler will be faster and more efficient than hand scaling, but the Ultrawave piezo has the added advantage of being easier on the clinician from an ergonomic standpoint, and easier on the patient from a comfort standpoint. The linear action of the tip paired with the reflex technology allows the tip to talk, or communicate, with where the energy is being generated in the unit itself. For the Ultrawave device, this is called Reflex™ technology. Thanks to this feature, the tip adjusts to the work load according to the treatment situation so that the clinician doesn’t need to use, for example, added lateral pressure which is ergonomically hard on the hands and the patient. This technology also prevents heat buildup in the handpiece, so less water is needed, giving the clinician better visibility and giving the patient a more relaxing, less stressful experience!

What makes the Ultrawave piezo device stand out from other ultrasonics you’ve used?
Besides the things mentioned above, I love the Ultrawave® tip selection and the easy-to-use color coding system. Match the banded tip color to the dial power setting and get busy staying within that color (power range or less). It’s easy with no guess work.

What tips and tricks can you share about using the Ultrawave device?
As with all power scalers, the distal end 3 mm at the tip (of an unworn instrument) is the working area. It loses efficiency as it loses length. I concentrate on that area of the tip when working, always being aware of where it is on the tooth and in the pocket. Because the Ultrawave piezo technology has a linear action (like our hand scaling action) it is very natural to use. The linear action of the Ultrawave device also makes a huge difference with tactile sensitivity, something you don’t get with some of the other power scaler technologies. While working, I think in terms of the scaling I would be doing with my hand instruments except working from the top of the deposit, going down, and shaving the deposit. All with the luxury of minimal lateral pressure.

Do you use the Ultrawave device for multiple procedures? Which ones?
General scaling and perio is about it for me but I know when my Ultrawave XS piezo ultrasonic device is missing from my operatory, one of the docs is using it for either endo or restorative!

What benefits do your patients get from you using the Ultrawave device for their dental care?
All the patient really knows is the comfort it provides and that it is quicker at removing hard deposits than when I only use hand instruments. What they don’t know is that the ultrasonic action causes microstreaming and cavitation that disrupts the biofilm on a microscopic level within the pocket, making the treatment more thorough and complete as well.