Class II restorations are the bread and butter for many general practitioners, and Class II posterior restorations can make up roughly half of the cases performed by general dentists.


The Omni-Matrix™ disposable retainer and matrix can be the “butter” for the “bread” of these procedures—a game changing addition that once used, will make it hard to revert back to the old way of doing things. It’s an ideal tool to help clinicians create lasting, gorgeous posterior Class II restorations.

After all, what’s toast without butter?


The ultra-thin burnishable stainless steel band (seen here) adapts to all preparations. The color-coded handle allows for easy style and size determination.

Born from the DNA of its beloved predecessors, the revamped Omni-Matrix retainer comes with a sleek new body design and release mechanism. Now, releasing the band is as simple as turning the handle clockwise, eliminating the need to cut the band following the procedure, and the band releases completely, allowing restorative material to remain intact. A popular feature with the original version is its ability to lock into place prior to placement, adding to ease of placement.


Both the original and redesigned Omni-Matrix retainers include features dentists have appreciated for years—such as the pivoting head that moves freely until tightened. Once tightened, there is no movement. This swivvling head, combined with the innovative body design, gives Omni-Matrix retainers customizable versatility in any quadrant of the mouth, while prioritizing quality and patient comfort.


Plus, visibility for the clinician is second to none.


Conveniently pre-loaded, Omni-Matrix retainers are available in winged or wingless designs. Options for the bands include mylar or ultra-thin burnishable stainless steel—which comes in two width options, universal or narrow.

Bands of the Omni-Matrix retainers are available in mylar (right), as well as ultra-thin burnishable stainless steel in universal (left) and narrow widths (middle).


The disposable nature of Omni-Matrix retainers becomes exceptionally helpful due to heightened infection control and patient safety precautions relating to COVID-19.


All Omni-Matrix disposable retainers are made out of recyclable plastic. Additionally, during the manufacturing process, any excess material from molding is not discarded, and is instead recycled and reused in new parts. Any plastic that can’t be reprocessed is sent to a recycling facility.


Like a cool slab of butter to a warm piece of toast, an Omni-Matrix disposable retainer can be your next essential addition to Class II posterior restorations.

Pro Tip:

  • If it feels like the redesigned Omni-Matrix retainer seats too far away from the tooth, adjust the placement of the matrix to sit more toward the mesial.