Since its first days at Dr. Dan Fischer's kitchen table, Ultradent has been guided by a principle of seeing a need and working to address it. Whether it's by investing in research to create products that help dentists, educating about techniques that improve patient treatments, or supporting humanitarian efforts that help communities in need access oral health care, Ultradent's mission to Improve Oral Health Globally is at the heart of the company.


SRS-Blog-2Ultradent is proud to share its 2024 Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report, which showcases a steadfast commitment to our mission while emphasizing eco-friendly operations and community engagement. This report reflects on significant strides made in workplace well-being, environmental conservation, and ethical practices—illustrating Ultradent's dedication to being a model corporate citizen. Dive into the full report to explore how Ultradent is crafting a more sustainable, caring, and resilient tomorrow, one healthy smile at a time. 

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