Editor’s Note: This blog was written by Ultradent Founder and CEO Emeritus Dr. Dan Fischer.



As we head into another holiday season and year, this year stands out as it marked our 45th year! It is amazing to me how long ago it was when we started and yet, how recent it can feel at times. Nonetheless, we’ve come far in that time. I can remember when we were making one product, then a few, then dozens, and now, hundreds and hundreds!

So, what has gotten us to where we are from 45 years ago? When I reflect on it, I believe the most important factors are:


  1. We started by working as a family. Our first product was made on the kitchen table. After a few years, we found the need to hire colleagues from outside the Fischer family; we treated you/them as family. We are driven to keep those family values now and into the future.


  1. I believe that our unique, quality culture grew from our family beginnings. Each week, I speak to your recently hired colleagues. Ultradent’s culture is most always the first subject we discuss.

My favorite definition of culture is: “How we treat each other.” Our foundation is kindness! We then discuss our “guardrails”/Core Values. And, under the Core Value “Quality” I share that I believe it is paramount we have a quality workplace that is safe and happy. Obviously, there are a few other factors that are important to us relative to culture. But culture is a big deal, it even provides us a competitive advantage.    


  1. Core Values are at the center of this company and its success. Living these values, not just talking about them, gives us an advantage over others. For example, our core value of innovation—we are driven to create unique products that raise the bar. Another Core Value is hard work—we all have a “can-do” drive and to get the job done.


  1. It is critical that we know where we are going so all can pull in the same direction, hence our Vision Statement: We are driven to Improve Oral Health Globally. This is a noble vision that helps all humanity and is something we all can get behind.

Note: The formalized vision of Improving Oral Health Globally wasn’t present at Ultradent’s origin, but it was always living in Ultradent’s heart.  

Fischer headshot

Ultradent Founder and CEO Emeritus, Dr. Dan Fischer

After the kitchen table, we expanded to a hay barn (we prepared it to pass FDA inspection😊), then a couple additional buildings, and now we’re a sprawling campus with hundreds of thousands of square feet where all of us accomplish more than thought possible originally. And throughout all this growth, our family values have, and must, remain. 


As I look back on the development that brought Ultradent to what it is today, I am fondly reminded of many long hours of hard work with family—but even more so, I remember the times of joy and laughter. 


I want to thank all of you who have contributed to the quality of Ultradent’s journey.


As we celebrate the holidays, I hope you all find time to share fun moments, laughter, and smiles with those closest to you.  Smiles contribute to a warmer, more loving world, and this world greatly needs more love and warmth right now. 



Merry Christmas,

Happy New Year,

Happy Hanukah,

Happy Holidays to all,

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