By Dr. Dan Fischer


Hello friends and family, colleagues and customers.


I hope this message finds you well and surrounded by your loved ones as we enjoy another wondrous holiday season. I am so thankful for the relationships created through our work to improve oral health globally. This year has seen so many of these relationships blossom and your efforts are deeply appreciated.


2021 brought its own unique set of challenges. We adapted to the continually shifting landscape of the pandemic and supported each other in new, innovative ways. To our Ultradent colleagues, thank you for your commitment to our mission; your accomplishments are astounding and deserve recognition. To our customers, thank you for your continued loyalty and belief in our abilities; you allow us to pursue our Vision and we are immensely grateful for you and what you do in your communities. These relationships are invaluable and have helped us continue to grow amid precarious circumstances.


The growth we’ve experienced this year has been as rewarding as it is inspiring—it reinforces on me that doing the right thing for the right reasons for many, many years proves to be the most human and economically successful route to take. I’m excited we can continue to be healthy and invest in R&D for the future. We have always been driven to go places humans haven’t gone before.


We started as a family company, on the kitchen table, and continued to grow from there to where we are today. And it’s been families that have made that happen to a large degree. I’d bet we have more family employees than other companies. Where other companies won’t hire family members, we do. Having that family connection has been meaningful.


Families are the central core of Ultradent, and this is a primary reason we completely shut-down every year between Christmas Eve and New Years—to enable family members to spend time with their other family members is fundamental to what we are about. To know families have these uninterrupted days to kick back and enjoy each other really warms my heart.


I care about you. Every one of you. I hope you and your families are healthy, happy, and sharing each other’s company. Have a beautiful holiday season.


With love,

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Dr. Dan Fischer