We continue this series on why dentists and patients the world over love the Opalescence® Whitening System. If you happened to miss the earlier installments of this series, check them out here with Part I and Part II.
Now, on to reason 11!

11. Opalescence offers a complete line of whitening products, including:

Opalescence PF

Opalescence® PF

Opalescence’s original professional take-home whitening treatment is used with a custom tray and provides numerous concentrations and wear times for the ultimate individualized whitening experience.

Opalescence Boost

Opalescence® Boost

Boost is the premier in-office whitening treatment designed to give immediate results. This 40% hydrogen peroxide concentration is chemically activated, so it doesn’t require a light. All it takes is two 20-minute applications in the dental chair to achieve brilliant, sparkling results.

Opalescence Go

Opalescence Go®

It’s the ultimate in “ready-to-go” semi-custom whitening treatments. Opalescence Go comes in a prefilled UltraFit™ tray that instantly and conveniently conforms to any patient’s smile. Available in Mint, Melon, and Peach flavors with 20–60 minute wear time options.

12. Opalescence is only sold by professional dentists.
Ultradent, Opalescence’s parent company, is committed to the highest quality dental care. Opalescence is only available through a professional dentist so that clinicians can determine if a patient’s teeth are healthy enough to whiten, help them select the best and most comfortable whitening system for them, and form realistic outcome expectations. All in all, a professional whitening system like Opalescence is ultimately geared toward helping the patient have the best experience possible while achieving their most satisfying result.

13. All of Opalescence’s many whitening options offer the ultimate in convenience for both patients and dentists.In order to be effective, a whitening regimen must be as easy and convenient as possible for the dentist, but more importantly, for the patient in order to ensure consistent follow-through. For the dentist, the importance of convenience plays an important role in practice time-management and in ensuring maximum efficiency. With so many unique, convenient, and efficient application options such as at-home syringe delivery, in-office treatment that takes less than an hour from start to finish, or prefilled, ready-to-go trays, Opalescence products are extremely easy to use, no matter which treatment plan the patient and dentist choose.

14. Opalescence products can be combined to maximize effectiveness.
While each of Opalescence’s products and systems are extremely effective by themselves, many patients prefer to use a combination of treatments and products to best meet their needs. For example, a bride with a fast-approaching wedding may want immediate results for her big day and choose Opalescence Boost for a quick in-office treatment. However, she may choose to maintain and even continue to whiten her smile after the wedding with an ongoing regimen of Opalescence Go or Opalescence PF. All of Opalescence’s products can be mixed and matched for custom treatment plan, individualized to the unique needs of each and every patient.

15. Opalescence offers special products for unique cases.
No matter what type of staining or discoloration a patient may present, Opalescence has the right product to lighten any smile. Opalustre®, Ultradent’s chemical and mechanical abrasion slurry, is designed specifically to remove superficial white and brown stains and provides minimally invasive treatment for fluorosis. To learn more, and see results achieved using Opalustre, click here.

Opalustre isn’t the only unique whitening product designed for unique cases. Opalescence® Endo is formulated specifically to whiten endodontically treated, discolored, non-vital teeth. To learn more, and to see results achieved using Opalescence Endo, click here.

Stayed tuned for Part IV of 20 Reasons to Love Opalescence. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below. We’ll do our best to individually address each and every one. Thank you for reading!