Since its creation, the Opalescence® Tooth Whitening System has led the way in innovation and continuous improvement in the whitening market and shows no sign of stopping, as it remains the leader in professional tooth whitening today. Here’s a list of 20 reasons why dentists around the world choose Opalescence over any other system again and again. Check it out!

1. Opalescence has promoted and led the way in advances in tooth whitening since 1991.
Inarguably, with its introduction in 1991, Opalescence has revolutionized—and continues to revolutionize—the whitening industry, year after year. It was the first widely accepted professional tooth whitening system and later went on to develop the first widely used in-office whitening system. It was also the first system to add flavor to tooth whitening gels, and led the way in increasing peroxide percentages for safe at-home use.

2. Opalescence introduced the sticky, viscous whitening gel that remains the gold standard for tooth whitening today.
Opalescence’s renowned sticky, viscous gel formula changed both the effectiveness and patient comfort of the tooth whitening process as it allowed the gel to stay in place, preventing migration to the gingiva and from running down and subsequently burning the throat, like many of its predecessors. The gel holds the delivery tray in place to the point that the patient can sleep with a tray in their mouth all night without significant movement of the gel. In addition to comfort, the revolutionary sticky, viscous gel also increases the whitening’s effectiveness by allowing it to stay on the teeth for a greater amount of time.

3. Opalescence’s stability ensures the gel’s effectiveness for the entire duration of whitening time.
Opalescence’s remarkable stability allows for more effective whitening time—whether with a long-wear carbamide peroxide, or a shorter-wear hydrogen peroxide formula. Opalescence products also boast a shelf life of 12 months unrefrigerated, and 18 months refrigerated, allowing the patient to whiten at their own pace.

4. Opalescence has gained national and international recognition with numerous awards for excellence in tooth whitening.
Dentists and patients worldwide rely on Opalescence to achieve the white, bright smile they’re looking for. Thanks to Opalescence’s innovations, consistent results, comfort, and safety, it has garnered the attention of many experts in the field of dentistry, beauty, and the praise of patients throughout its 24 years on the market. Some of these include recognition from industry experts such as Reality, Dentistry Today, Dental Town, and Clinician’s Choice, to name a few.

5. Opalescence’s extensive product line has something for every lifestyle, timeline, whitening preference, and budget.
This includes Opalescence® PF, which is used with a scalloped custom tray and whitening syringes in various concentrations for personalized, at-home whitening, Opalescence® Boost, a high concentration, dentist-administered in-office system that 20 twenty minute applications, over a total of forty minutes chair-time, for a single visit, highly effective treatment, and Opalescence Go®, a semi-custom, pre-filled, disposable tray whitening system that allows users to whiten their teeth at their convenience without the hassle of a custom tray. Truly, Opalescence has something for everyone.

Stay tuned for Parts II and III of this series to learn more about why dentists and patients world-wide love Opalescence. You don’t want to miss it!