To wrap up our four-part series, “20 Reasons to Love Opalescence,” let’s discuss some of the other reasons that people around the world love Opalescence® Tooth Whitening Systems.

16. Opalescence Offers Quality You Can Trust

The Opalescence and Ultradent names have long been globally synonymous with quality. Our in-house research and development team strives for continuous improvement in all of our products, from manufacturing to quality control. From conception to packaging, right to the dentist’s office—excellence directs the process, start to finish. Ultradent has reached and maintained quality standards restricted to the world’s best companies, such as ISO 9001 and IDO 13485 qualifications, ensuring that all products meet and exceed both clinicians’ and patients’ expectations.

17. Opalescence is Always Administered by Knowledgeable and Trained Dental Professionals

Dental offices that carry Opalescence are always trained in not only the whitening process, but in the features and benefits of each system, equipping them to offer the best guidance and advice for individual patients. This means that patients can trust their dental office to help personalize their whitening journey as well as make any changes needed from beginning to end.

18. Opalescence is Certified in Countries with the Most Rigorous Regulatory Standards

From North to South, East to West, Opalescence is approved and certified by some of the strictest regulatory bodies on the planet. Ultradent and Opalescence have proudly pioneered government and dental certification of our products with CE (for the EU), as well as the FDA (USA), CSA (Canada), TGA (Australia), PMDA (Japan), SFDA (China), and KFDA (Korea). We have maintained an outstanding presence in these leading markets for decades, while many other competitors have yet to obtain the necessary certification and approval for distribution of their whitening products.

19. Opalescence is Committed to Countries Which Sells Their Whitening Products

Since its introduction 24 years ago, Ultradent has remained committed to helping countries around the world provide and donate dental products to humanitarian causes at home and abroad. Ultradent and Opalescence proudly sponsor the Crown Council’s “Smiles for Life” campaign, donating free whitening across the company to less fortunate patients in order to give everyone the opportunity to be proud of their smile, no m​atter their economic status. To learn more about how Ultradent contributes to humanitarian causes throughout the world, click here and here.

20. Opalescence is the World Leader in Whitening

Opalescence has inspired many other companies to follow in our footsteps, but none have surpassed the quality and reputation we have built with clinicians and patients. Since 1991, Ultradent has given dentists in more than 130 countries the highest quality and innovation when it comes to whitening products.

It’s truly been a pleasure to serve what we consider the best dentists and patients around the world, continuing to provide them with the whitest, brightest smiles out there.